April 1, 2013

Clichés and dreams…

          While writing FORTY YEARS IN A DAY, I had a dilemma about using clichés. Writers are taught not to use them at any expense because it makes their writing seem unoriginal, but sometimes I have to struggle to stay away from the cliché. Oh yes, some are ridiculous, like the cliché “everything has its place.” How does anyone agree with it, never mind repeat it. Everything does not have a place. I don’t see a place for war, for poverty, for sickness, for lack of educational opportunity, but they exist. So, yes, some cliché’s are senseless, and yet some are such that they say what you want to say the best and most concise way it can be said.
           After much thought and consideration, I have come to the decision that some clichés definitely have a place, like the cliché “dreams really do come true.” I am not talking about the dreams you have when your eyes are closed and you’re fast asleep. The dreams I am referring to occur when the eyes are wide open and they churn in the mind for years, even decades, and sometimes even lifetimes. The thing is, when a dream comes to fruition, it becomes reality, and it metamorphoses into another dream that could not have been conceived without the culmination of the previous one, and only then do we begin to plan the next journey, relish in the possibilities, and believe in the outcome.


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