June 16, 2013


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, where writers come together to share 8 sentences of whatever they wish. This is Week 7 for me. Unfortunately, I missed last week; life got in the way.

In honor of Father's Day, I decided to take a random snippet from FORTY YEARS IN A DAY about a father and the frustration that can sometimes overwhelm a parent.  

Rarely did Lorenzo lose his temper, but when he did, it was certain that Rosa and Louisa were involved. The truth was that he found it exhausting when dealing with their skirmishes and blatant disrespect. Drained by his daughters’ belligerence, he slumped in his chair with a surrendering sigh and lit a cigar. With every inhale, he attempted to exhale his exasperation, unable to reconcile the obstinacy of two people raised in an otherwise harmonious household. It seemed what made one happy made the other miserable, and keeping peace between them now that they were teenagers was becoming almost impossible; reminding them they were sisters and should try to get along was downright futile. Lorenzo felt flustered and incapable when faced with the insurmountable challenges his youngest daughters created.


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  1. Good choice for Father's Day and having raised two daughters myself (although they got along better than Lorenzo's appear to do!), I thought the scene rang very true. Great snippet.

  2. Excellent description of sibling rivalry. I don't have girls, I have boys, but they could be just like that sometimes.

  3. Great snippet! Wonderful description of him and his thoughts - I can picture this!

  4. I have two girls and I know exactly how he feels, minus the cigars.

    Then again, I have a younger sister, too, so I undrstand why his daughters might not get along! :)

  5. Poor Lorenzo, the teenage years are rough!

  6. Thank you all for visiting and posting comments! I really appreciate the feedback!

  7. You really made me feel his frustration, and the family dynamics are realistic. Nice snippet!

    ~Joyce Scarbrough

  8. Lorenzo is having a hard time, it's not easy to raise girls.
    I could feel how much he tried without success in this snippet.

  9. Great snippet. I can feel his frustration there.