June 14, 2012

Glossy vs. matte covers...

        There seems to be an ongoing debate about glossy or matte book covers and which one looks more professional. We are in the cover design stage of production for our novel, Forty Years In a Day, and glossy or matte is one of many decisions.
        There are advantages for the glossy cover. Glossy makes the colors more vibrant, and they are durable and water resistant. The negatives are that they show fingerprints and have a glare factor. Matte covers have a tendency to scuff and the colors appear muted.
        I have browsed the shelves of several bookstores in search of an answer. I discovered I am drawn to the combination of a matte cover with glossy lettering. It made the book look classier, but some of my favorite authors have used the glossy finish. I think the choice has to do with the graphics and the overall theme or tone of the book.
        I would appreciate any thoughts on the subject.