October 8, 2013

Pumpkin donuts...

Weekday mornings I walk with my friend Michele. For the past 12 years, grumpy and bleary-eyed, I leave my house at 7:15am in most weather conditions and temperatures and, more often than not, still wearing my pajamas under my clothes. I walk past a small park and the three houses to her front door, and we walk the same route every day. What is it about familiarity which lends hand to comfort? In the years of walking, we have talked about anything and everything. Aside from politics, nothing is off limits.

We both have an affinity for Dunkin Donuts coffee and, more recently, the pumpkin donut, which is a seasonal addition to their regular assortment. The subject comes up at least once during our one hour walk. For instance, one of us will say, “It’s going to be a stressful day, I think I deserve a pumpkin donut today”, or “It’s a dreary day, a pumpkin donut will cheer me up”, or “It’s a beautiful day, I think a pumpkin donut is in order.”  Well, you get the point. I even Googled the calorie count (340 for those who are interested) hoping it would deter our obsession. Once we talk about it, it seems I can’t get it out of my mind until I buy one and it satisfies my craving for a few days.

Yesterday I bought one, forever hopeful it was not as good as I always imagine. I told myself that we put this stupid donut on a pedestal and it doesn’t deserve the energy and recognition it is given. With my lovely cup of coffee in one hand and the perfectly formed donut in the other, I take a bite, and to my dismay, it is as glorious as the visions I regularly try to delete from my mind. I smile to myself as I text Michele a picture of my donut minus the bite.

Today, Michele sent  me a text that said she was in Dunkin Donuts and now our pumpkin treat comes in munchkin form. OH NO! She told me that she resisted the temptation and left with just a coffee in hand. Her text message exuded pride and self-control…for today at least. I personally can’t promise anything. I think that tomorrow I will announce that we can  no longer speak of the pumpkin donut. A subject, as is politics, that going forward is off limits on our walks.